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Hang in there....!

Dear Sir/Madam

We all are living in times of great flux. We are still struggling to find ways to deal with COVID-19 effectively; our schools and colleges are limping back to the resumption of their operations even as it is still not safe to congregate in one place without adequate safety measures; exams have had to be deferred or cancelled and a majority of teachers and students are yet to master the online education technology.

Meanwhile, CBSE and NCERT have introduced a flurry of changes – reduced syllabus and new question paper design, to name just two of them that affect you and us more than anything else. So, if you are worried about what will happen in future and how you will equip and train yourself for the changes, we would like to assure you of our best support and materials.

Our team at Brajindra Book Company is working really hard to update our books so as to meet the latest CBSE and NCERT guidelines. We are also introducing widespread changes in the presentation and contents of our books as well as the question papers to give you up-to-date materials that will assist you in teaching strictly in accordance with the latest syllabus and question paper guidelines.

Here are some glimpses of the changes we are introducing in our books for the upcoming sessions:

  • A thorough revision of the question papers strictly in line with the CBSE Sample Papers.

  • Addition of MCQs in the Reading Section and Literature Section as suggested in the CBSE Sample Papers.

  • A special module on the Analytical Paragraphs with plenty of DIY and assisted tasks, solved examples and practice assignments.

  • Enhanced online support to teachers and learners with model answers, additional practice materials and listening and speaking assignments.

We are currently in the process of testing a module on Analytical Paragraphs and a few Case-based Reading Passages for Class X. For Class XII, testing of Reading Passages and Literature-based Questions both with MCQs is also underway. These materials are strictly in accordance with the CBSE guidelines and question paper designs and will be available for free downloads from our website by mid-December, 2020. You will get an alert on your WhatsApp numbers registered with us as soon as the materials are available for free downloads.

May we humbly seek your continued support and patronage, please?

Yours sincerely

Brajindra Book Company

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